Meet the Team

Behind The Wee Dram

The Wee Dram is known for its friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Adrian Murray


One of the founders of The Wee Dram. Adrian has been a passionate whisky fan since he first tried it after falling into the canal aged …err well 18 obviously! He always claims to be an enthusiast rather than a connoisseur, “there is always something more to learn.” Adrian says there are two types of whisky – whisky he likes and whisky he likes a lot. Having said that, there is always a bottle of peaty whisky in his cupboard. When not at The Wee Dram, Adrian is a keen guitarist (rather than a good guitarist) and enjoys his home in the Peak District.

Alison Murray


One of the founders of The Wee Dram. Alison has over 20 years’ experience working in the whisky industry. A well-known figure in the industry, not least because she is the main organiser of the very popular annual Wee Dram Fest. She is very partial to subtle whiskies, her favourite being Lowland malts, particularly Rosebank, although she can often be seen enjoying a heavily sherried dram. Outside of work Alison is a keen walker, enjoys golf, not to mention, looking after three daughters!

Jordan Briggs

Sales Assistant

Jordan joined the team in August 2016. A keen whisky enthusiast whose knowledge is considerable. Jordan enjoys a large range of different whiskies, from the "softer side of the Highlands," Tomatin, to the big phenolic Ardbeg, and everywhere in between. When not at work, he presents ‘Cask Heads’, a whisky podcast.

Jade, Erin & Daniella Murray

Dram Daughters

Family businesses are all about family, our three daughters have always helped out at The Wee Dram, always offering support to their parents. They assist with tastings, particularly Wee Dram Fest, and their tech support is invaluable. Each of the girls was given a cask of whisky when they were born, Jade's Cask was bottled in 2018, at 15 years old. The 16 year old Erin's Cask followed in 2023.