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It is often said in the whisky business that people don’t not like whisky, they just haven’t found the right one yet! So whether you are an aficionado, beginner, enthusiast, or just like a nice dram of whisky now and again let us help you find something different.

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Although we have a vast selection of whiskies from all over the world, most of us think of whisky coming from two places, Scotland and Ireland. The history of these two gaelic countries is bound together through legend, myth and fact, as is the history of their whisky making. It is believed that the art of whisky distillation was brought to Scotland by Irish Monks – along with Christianity.

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There are other proud whisky making countries around the world. The USA has a rich history of whiskey making, stretching back to its very foundation. Japan has been distilling their own since the 1920’s, and India distils predominantly for their home market. Also, in our range we have new boys on the block from England, Wales, Sweden and others. Why not browse some of these?

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