Trip to St Georges Distillery

The Distillery

Alison and I have wanted to visit the English Whisky Company’s St Georges Distillery in Norfolk since it first opened in 2007. So as we were going over that way for our family holiday we dropped in with an entire “Team”. This consisted of Alison and Myself with our three Daughters Jade (13), Erin (10) and Daniella (8). We were all very impressed particularly with David Fitt, the Chief Distiller. Here is a report written by Daniella.

Our Team

Mash Tun and Stills


First we arrived at the distillery and looked at the shop. My Mummy and Daddy had a cup of tea and me, Erin and Jade had some Ribena. I took some photographs whilst the owner of the distillery talked to us about whisky. Erin did some colouring because we went into a big room. Me and Jade played some games. Then we went into a room with mash tons, then we looked at the stills.

Then we went into a room with lots of barrels of whisky. It smelt quite nice. There was really small barrels with little taps attached to them. Next we went round a river circuit. Last we went to the shop. Jade brought a chocolate lolly, I got a wristband, Erin, a badge, my Dad got a t – shirt. My mum didn’t get anything. (Actually Alison got a tasting bottle of Bramble Liqueur).

By Daniella Grace Murray – August 2015.

Erin Learning from DavidWashbacks