The vast majority of whisky drunk around the world is Blended Scotch Whisky. There are two types of whisky made in Scotland; Malt whisky, made from Malted barley, distilled in Pot Stills, and Grain whisky made from other grains such as corn, wheat and rye, and distilled on a Continuous Still, sometimes called a Coffey or Patent still.

Blended whisky is a “blend” of the two – the Malt giving big flavours, the lighter, consistent, cheaper, grain whisky gives bulk.




12 Years Old




Black Bottle


Chivas Regal

12 Years Old


Cutty Sark




Famous Grouse Smoky Black


Great King Street - The Glasgow Blend


Isle of Skye

8 Years Old


J & B Rare


Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

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